Friday, January 30, 2009

The man in the trees wants you to read it

Immoral by Brian Freeman
Wow, I can’t believe the month of killer thrillers are over (did anyone get the Michael Jackson reference with the “killer thriller” thing? I was thinking about adding a picture of him as a sort of visual aid. Shoot, now I’m going to have “Thriller” in my head). The last book I read in the genre was called Immoral by Brian Freeman. It was good. It had the required twists and (yawn) turns. Oh, excuse me. Sometimes it felt like you read one thriller you read them all. I mean, yeah, it kept me turning the pages, but it also didn’t do anything new and exciting for me. Plus, the author chose to insert graphic (now how shall I put this?) “love” scenes randomly throughout. Now I don’t want to say the scenes were forced, but yeah. Just because you know how to put words together to produce a “love” scene, doesn’t mean you have to. Or should. And I don’t want to ruin it for you, but the romantic relationship actually played a large part in the ending which seemed a little too convenient. I’m sorry. I’m being very critical. It’s just that, well, it would be nice to pick up a book with a thoroughly thought out mind bending love story, you know? Wow, how convenient for me that February’s Flavor of the Month is Romance! This is very exciting! So get some green M&M’s (apparently the new color of love) and settle into a book of romance. Or just pick up the one with the cheesiest bodice ripping cover. I’ll be talking about some choices next week of both the mind bending thought out love story and bodice ripping variety.

graphic "love" scenes, eh?

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