Thursday, February 19, 2009

So authors are people with emails too. Who knew?

Have any of you started reading Borderlands for the Profilers book discussion group in March? You still have time. Grace, the librarian who is co-leading the group, liked the book so much she wrote to the author, Brian McGilloway, and told him as much. And wouldn’t you know it, Mr. McGilloway was kind enough to write her back? He’s way across the Atlantic in the UK, and I think it’s so cool that he took the time to acknowledge a fan. Here’s what he wrote her:

“Many thanks for your message and your kind words about Borderlands. I'm glad you enjoyed it and appreciate you taking the time to drop me a line. Thanks also for including the book in your new reading group. If there's anything I can do to help with the event (admittedly from this side of the Atlantic) do please let me know. Very best wishes, Brian”

Isn’t that nice? Don’t you want to come to the book group to see if there was anything he helped out with? Doesn’t that kind of make you want to write your own favorite (living) author to see if he/she’ll write something equally as pleasant? Hmmm. That sounds like a plan…

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