Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh Christopher Moore, you never cease to amaze me.

It’s April first, but I promise no April Fools as I reveal the new flavor of the month—Ok, maybe a slight April Fools because the words “fool” is too good to pass up. I just finished Christopher Moore’s new book, Fool, and absolutely loved it. He has re-imagined Shakespeare’s King Lear and turned it completely on its head. The story takes place from the fool’s perspective—one of the more intelligent characters, even in Shakespeare’s version. We get a little back story into the lives of Lear’s daughters, a couple new characters, and oh, did I mention, it’s hilarious? I was reading the Washington Post review on it, and yes, Moore’s humor can be crude sometimes, and yes, he lays it on rather thick, but he turned King Lear into a comedy, give the guy some credit. It’s a quick read with a few twists and even some quotes from Shakespeare to make you feel all smart-like. It’s nice to follow someone who is still alive. I look forward to reading more Moore and laughing all the way.

"There's always a bloody ghost."

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