Sunday, May 10, 2009

Classic Parable: Animal Farm

Animal Farm by George Orwell
This book has to be on my short list. Unlike Lord of the Flies where I can’t quite handle the abuse (not quite strong enough a word) done to Piggy and therefore don’t like the book, the disturbing scenes in Animal Farm add up to just the right amount of violence, so I can’t look away yet I know I will be affected forever. Orwell succeeds at drawing out the deception, bit by bit, like a snake through grass, until all the reader can do is watch the impending doom. Yes it’s done with talking animals, but that’s where his power lies. Orwell lulls you into a state of detachment until he is ready to make his final blow. And what a doozy of a last scene, I must have read it a dozen times, even if I haven’t read the book that much. It’s so cinematic; the dizzying effect of looking around and around the table of pigs and men and realizing you can’t tell the difference. Brilliant.

Judge for yourself.

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