Sunday, June 7, 2009

Big name books of the future

I just realized this marks my 100th post. I hope you are enjoying Mentor's Reader. Stay tuned for more exciting books and news from Mentor Public Library!

Although I like to promote books you may have never heard of, there is a benefit to working at a library—I hear about books that are coming out. Here are three you might want to look out for coming out in the fall.

Dan Brown Lost Symbol
Robert Langdon is back for more heart-stopping cleverness in Brown’s new book. I couldn’t find any legitimate plot details online, but who cares what it’s about, there will no doubt be intrigue and Adventure! galore. This one’s coming out September 15.

Mitch Albom Have a Little Faith: The True Story of a Last Request
Mitch Albom’s books are good because they are inspirational and short. I couldn’t find much about the book online, but I’m sure it will be good. So instead I will talk about Mr. Albom’s ears. I was always fascinated by his ears because they are hidden by his hair, almost like he’s hiding something. Could his ears be massive? Could they maybe be a little pointy, as if he were an elf or Vulcan? We’ll never know. Look for this one September 29.

Stephen King Under the Dome
I think King might have gotten a little inspiration for this book from The Simpsons Movie. It’s about a town that suddenly gets sealed off by a deadly invisible dome. It sounds like old time sci-fi horror to me, so you might want to keep an eye out for it. It’s due to be released November 10.

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