Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hiii-ya! (the sound an adventurer makes when kicking a bad guy in the head)

Let’s talk about some Adventures! Here’s a list of accidental heroes. I chose this list over all the others (and there are so many more, just come in to the library to find more on the Reader’s Wall) because of all the different heroes to be, I think I would most likely be an accidental hero. Like, I have no prior hero training, but if something were to come up requiring heroness, and the responsibility just fell to me, I picture myself an awesome hero that can do fierce kicks to the bad guys’ heads, and climb buildings with rope. So any book that describes heroes like that are books I want to check out. Here are a few, respectfully taken from Novelist.

The Camel Club by David Baldacci
Witnessing a murder, conspiracy theorist Harry Stone steals a crucial piece of evidence from the scene and is subsequently pursued.

The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry
Former secret agent Cotton Malone and Stephanie Nelle, a U.S. Justice Department prosecutor, must solve the mystery of fourteenth-century Templar riches and secrets before Raymond de Roquefort and his murderous allies prevail.

An Accidental American by Alex Carr
Leaving behind a career as a master forger, Nicole Blake's life in rural France is interrupted by the arrival of a U.S. intelligence operative, who warns her that her former lover Rahim has become a terrorist.

Gentlemen of the Road by Michael Chabon
In the Caucasus Mountains in 950 A.D., two wander the region, plying their trade as swords for hire, until they become involved in a bloody coup in the medieval Jewish empire of the Khazars.

Crossed by Nicole Galland
Briton, a vagabond, and his knight protector try to return an Arab princess to her home in the Holy Land, as they are drawn into the violence of the Fourth Crusade and the impending sack of Constantinople.

Act of Will by A.J. Hartley
Will Hawthorne finds himself in a distant land with a band of adventurers who are charged with investigating and defeating a ruthless army of mystical horsemen, a mission that tests Will's pragmatic beliefs.

Orbit by John Nance
A passenger on a 2009 space flight, Kip Dawson faces death after a micrometeorite damages the capsule and kills the pilot, and types his epitaph on the ship's computer, unaware that his writings are being read on the Internet by a horrified public.

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts
Having escaped an Australian maximum security prison, a disillusioned man loses himself in the slums of Bombay, where he works for a drug kingpin, smuggles arms for a crime lord, and forges bonds with fellow exiles.

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  1. Another good one is "Swords for Hire" by Will Allen. Short and funny.