Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Your Library needs your help!

Governor Strickland has proposed a 50% reduction in state funding for Ohio's public libraries. This drastic proposal, if adopted by the state legislature, will devastate public library service in Ohio. During this time of economic distress, more people than ever are turning to their public libraries for services like career counseling, computer training, internet access, financial literacy, health information and more! Please contact your state legislators today and tell them how much the Library means to you, your family and friends.
Please take a moment to email or call the Governor or a legislator and say NO to cutting the public library fund!

Gov. Strickland (614) 644-3555
Sen. Grendell (614) 644-7718
Rep. Schneider (614) 644-6074
Rep. Fende (614) 466-7251

Your email can be as brief as one line—they just need to hear NO from as many people as possible in the next few days.
If you Twitter: Help #saveohiolibraries!

You can also sign our petition here

Thanks for your help!!

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