Monday, September 21, 2009

Never underestimate the power of the non-fiction section

Case in point: Stuff White People Like (SWPL). A tongue-in-cheek blog turned book that takes a trip through insulting land and comes right back to funny town. I rather enjoyed the sections on Cheese (“as with all things, white people are expected to have an extensive and deep knowledge of cheese”), Bad Memories of High School (“Virtually every white person you meet was a nerd in high school”), and Beards (“The popularity of beards with white people can fluctuate depending on the decade, but it always maintains a level of respectability regardless of current styles”). It’s definitely a book you skim through, and I found myself several times wanting to return the book only to realize I missed sections that I wanted to read. There are 150 sections, each giving the author, Christian Landers, ample opportunity to mock and ridicule “white people.” But it’s all in fun! I think. Give it a shot. And while you’re in the 818.602 section of your local library, browse the area. You’ll find David Sedaris there (also mocked in SWPL), and a lot of different humorous books you may find amusing.