Thursday, September 10, 2009

spell yourself with a light read

Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen
To escape an abusive relationship, Sydney flees with her daughter Bay to the town she left as a girl. She moves back home with her sister Claire, the sister who loves her home and wants nothing more than to work in her garden and have a routine. The two sisters come from a long line of magically inclined people. This makes the people of the town respect them, but also keeps them at a distance. Toss in an apple tree with a mind of its own and a kooky aunt who always knows just what to give you, even if you don’t know yet why you need it, and you have a rather enjoyable book. Yes, there are parts that are a bit contrived and the romance leaves something to be desired, but it kept me reading, and it was short. For me, if I’m not reading a book I’ll just read whatever is around, which means I sometimes read the back of my cereal box a dozen times. If you don’t want anything heavy, but you still need something to keep you from reading the Publisher’s Clearing House mail, give Garden Spells a try.