Thursday, October 29, 2009

A bibliophile without a book is a scary thing.

We can see this typical bibliophile pacing restlessly among the stacks. Notice her eyes darting hither and fro, not really allowing much time to even read the titles in front of her. This response is caused by too many previous unsatisfying reads. You would think not having a required book to pick up would be a relief to this fickle predator, but that is not the case. Setting her sights on a target is what the bibliophile craves, and without one we see this response time and time again. In her desperation, the bibliophile has just gone to the catalog station—to do what? Without a title in mind, the catalog becomes as useless to the bibliophile as her fruitless prowl through the stacks. Ah, but this is interesting. Observe her poised in mid-step; this notes a slight reprieve from her tireless meanderings. The bibliophile is actually thinking about books she’s been waiting to read. This is a breakthrough. Having a goal, even if it is just in the beginning stages, is a step toward victory for this bookish creature. Now she has picked up her pace and has made the catalog her clear target. Has the bibliophile chosen its prey? Watch her hands maneuver the mouse and keyboard with ease—this is a bibliophile well versed in the cataloging system indigenous to most libraries. The bibliophile is just a few clicks away from victory. But what is this? The bibliophile blows out angrily through her nostrils—a sign of frustration. Perhaps the book she has chosen is already checked out. We see a clear eye roll of defeat—but wait. She is putting the book on hold! Now all she has to do is be patient until the book is returned to the library and our bibliophile will have a definite choice to read. How inspiring! But what will she do in the meantime? We can almost see this question drawn on her face. No worries, her actions seem to reply, as we follow the bibliophile swinging around to the magazines. People and Cosmo will be there for some nourishment until the main course arrives.