Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A blog about (not Nirvana's) Heart Shaped Box and (not Stepenie Meyer's) Twilight

So I just finished Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill and picked up Twilight by William Gay. Heart Shaped Box is about a guy who buys a ghost online. But it turns out the lady selling it worked it so he would buy it and actually the ghost is out for revenge. It started fast and scary, then wound its way to a pretty satisfying (and not really scary) conclusion. I must say there was a night there while reading the book when my cat pushed the bedroom door open and the shadows lurking in the darkness made me think of the very scary ghost in the book. He was all dressed in a suit and carried a chain (complete with razor blade) to hypnotize the protagonist into killing himself and his girlfriend. Oh, and he had creepy eyes that were covered in swirling black lines. His descriptions of the scary scenes made me think about those Japanese horror movies that all happen to be loved and redone by American directors. There were times when the ghost would move in still frames with each action being scarier than the last. Actually "The Grudge" was the scariest movie I’ve seen in a while. I’m talking the American version here. I had seen the Japanese version, but because I was reading the subtitles, I missed some of the action so I didn’t get what was going on, and I didn’t get that the movie had jumped back in time—yeah, I wasn’t as scared. But anyways, Heart Shaped Box was a good creepy read that had some graphic scenes, but definitely propelled me forward.

Next up is Twilight which doesn't seem to be about a love-sick vampire, but may involve the ever adored psycho mortician.