Monday, June 21, 2010

A long time ago we used to be friends

I loved the show Veronica Mars. It’s completely awful that the show was cancelled, and we never got to see what happens in Veronica’s life. Although Kristen Bell seems to be doing just fine without playing the title role, I have this gaping hole in my television schedule (ok, so it’s been off the air for like 3 years now, but still, I’m scarred). The gist of the show is this: Veronica is a high school student in a fictional upper class neighborhood in California. Her dad is a private investigator, but used to be on the police force. Veronica also used to have a perfect life—best friend, boyfriend, popularity. That was before her best friend turns up murdered. The case spirals out of control, leaving Veronica boyfriendless, friendless, and her dad jobless. As Veronica uses her mad skills to try to solve her best friend’s murder, she also solves littler mysteries throughout the seasons. It was witty and engrossing and fun. After the show ended, I tried doing Google searches to find books that were like Veronica Mars. I liked the mystery of the show, and I liked the characters. They were strong and sympathetic and oh so spunky. I also liked the modern setting and swooned every time Logan Echolls saved Veronica. I must say I’m finding a bit satisfied in my quest thanks to Pretty Little Liars. Since it’s more teen appropriate, I blogged about it on Totally Tween (read it here). But I didn’t mention that the underlying mystery along with the modern setting and the reasonably likable, sympathetic characters sort of takes the edge off of my Veronica Mars withdrawal. Please excuse the melodrama, it comes with reading a series with a target audience of 15 year old girls. But so fun! I finished the series, and it came to a pretty satisfying conclusion. Plus it will keep you busy; with 8 books in the series, there’s enough drama and mystery to fill a whole summer of reading.

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