Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas shopping check list

I’m a librarian, so of course I think books are a good idea for gifts. You’ve already found so many wonderful ideas from this blog already! But, oh! What about the children? Never fear, faithful reader(s)! I especially think books for kids is a wonderful idea (yes, I’m that aunt). So, to help with all your holiday shopping needs, I have compiled the following list of children’s books that would be great gifts. Happy Holidays!

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! By Moe Willems.
I’m not sure what I did with my life before I discovered Mo Willems. It was a whole lot sadder, I’ll say that much. This book is written from the perspective of a pigeon who really wants to drive a bus. He’s asking you, the reader, to allow him this one simple pleasure. Of course, you, the reader, have been asked by the bus driver to deny said pigeon of said pleasure. Delight ensues. Kids like saying no, so why don’t you give them a book that freely allows them to do it?

A Pig Parade is a Terrible Idea by Michael Ian Black.
Yes, that Michael Ian Black. The same guy who makes you laugh on I love the 80’s on VH1. The book is a silly essay about why a pig parade is a terrible idea. It’s contrary and wonderful, and the illustrations fit in nicely. I’d use your niece or nephew as an excuse to check this book out, just so you can read it before you send it their way.

Sometimes illustrations are more important than the story (or at least make more of an impact). If you’re of a more visual inclination, check out these titles.

In My Dreams I can Fly by Eveline Hasler, illustrated by Kathi Bhend
The intricate illustrations of these insects hiding under ground during winter kept this book in my mind long after I read it. It’s a very quiet, peaceful book about the changing seasons, and it’s a great book where the kids would want to make up their own story to go along with the pictures.

The Yellow Tutu by Kirsten Bramsen, illustrated by Carin Bramsen
This book about individuality is so adorable. Margo gets a yellow tutu for her birthday and is so excited with it that she decides to wear it to school on her head. She gets ridiculed by other children who point out that that’s not where tutus are supposed to be worn. I loved the colors and facial expressions of the characters.

Sure you can always go with Fancy Nancy or Sesame Street, but why not choose something special and unique?

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