Tuesday, December 21, 2010

An interesting premise, not much spark

So perhaps this is why adults don’t always dig the YA selections. I finished Accomplice by Eireann Corrigan a couple weeks ago, and it’s been since sitting on my desk waiting for me to blog about it. So here’s the premise: two girls, Finn and Chloe, decide that the only way to get into a good college is to fake Chloe’s disappearance. Then when she miraculously comes back alive, she will be instantly famous and be accepted to any school of her choosing. Finn will be the one who actually finds her stumbling alone in the woods, so she’ll be famous too. So yeah, not the brightest of ideas. The book focuses on the time while Chloe is away, when Finn has to deal with the media and keeping the huge secret from her family. The pressure becomes too great for Finn, and as a result, the girls’ friendship suffers. The end of the book makes the rest of the book seem more like a reflection instead of a play by play. We learn that the protagonist, Finn, has grown apart from Chloe, and yet the experience still haunts her. I liked that the story took a reflective turn, but the story’s resolution lacked a certain spark. Even with her closing remarks, I was still left feeling that Finn could have grown more. Maybe if the author wrote to a more mature audience, the ending would have been different. It was an interesting read, I just wanted a little something more.

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