Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Shopping Checklist

Yes, I know, I basically promised radio silence until MENTOR'S READER 2012!!--which by the way is going to be amazing in its own right, but while browsing my own blog, I stumbled upon children's books I thought would make great gifts. And since you still have time to shop, I might as well give you a run down of some of my personal picture book favorites this year.

I Want My Hat Back by Klassen, J.
In this simple story, a bear is going around the forest asking other animals if any of them have seen his hat. I can't really say too much more without giving the entire thing away (I said it was simple). It made me giggle, and I love books that can do that, so I highly recommend it.

Are You Awake? by Blackall, Sophie
How can you refuse a book with an added flipbook? You can't. You just can't do it. The story is about a little boy who can't sleep, so he keeps his mom awake by asking questions. Adorable.

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by Litwin, Eric
Oh No! Pete steps in seemingly unavoidable large piles of colored items that change his white shoes many colors. Does Pete Cry? Goodness No! He just goes along singing his adorable and catchy song--that you can hear online and sing to your little one. Perfect. Pictures by James Dean. No, the other James Dean.

11 Experiments that Failed by Offill, Jenny
The Scientific method was never so zany. This is for the older kid set, about a girl who tries, but fails at 11 experiments. Again, a giggle worthy book because who wants boring kids books when you and your child can enjoy reading fun engaging books together?

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