Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ah chick lit.  You’re only sometimes better when you’re young adult chick lit.  And such is the case with Anna and the French Kiss, an indulgent romance set in the perfect place for such a concept: a boarding school for Americans in Paris.  Anna feels betrayed by her parents who decide she would be better off attending a boarding school in Paris for her last year of high school.  Needless to say Anna disagrees.  She just wants to hang out with her best friend Bridgette and find out if there’s relationship potential with her crush Toph.  But when she meets Etienne, that all changes.  Suddenly Anna is getting to know the city and a boy better than she ever imagined, and realizing that changes can be bitter but also sweet.  Anna is very relatable and her experiences are also.  It’s just a book to pass the time and put a smile on your face in the process. 

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