Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mentor's Reader--back from the dead

I'm sorry.  I just can't resist a zombie joke.  To help me bring Mentor's Reader to life again, I introduce to you Cailey W., one of the new faces you'll see at the MPL reference desk.  Enjoy!

I know… There are many zombie books out there right now. Much like the vampire craze (which I don’t think is quite over) zombies are “in” right now. I don’t know why exactly, especially since there is little possibility of interspecies romance like the vampire novels. It is pretty difficult to have a human-zombie romance without one biting the other’s face off. (Hopefully the zombie). So aside

from that minor difficulty, bear with me now.

World War Z by Max Brooks is different, but in a great way. The novel is told through a number of voices, through interviews being conducted by the narrator. These interviews tell the tale from a number of places, such as Asia, Russia, Canada, America, and a variety of islands. Different interviews cover different times within the “war” as well, giving the reader an excellent idea of the “war’s” progression. Sometimes the detached writing makes the tale scarier even.

As I said, I realize there are many zombie books to choose from at the moment, but I feel World War Z truly adds something to the genre. Brooks adds new characteristics unseen (by me, at least) in other comparable books. For example, frozen zombies. That’s right. Apparently the zombies freeze in the winter and then reanimate in the spring. Different, effective, and oh-so-creepy.

So when choosing to curl up with a new undead novel, give the zombies a try, particularly this one.

World War Z by Max Brooks

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  1. Cailey,
    I normally wouldn't choose a book about zombies, but you might have changed my mind about that. This sounds like a book I would read.
    I'll look for it on my next trip to the library
    Thank you!