Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sucking at Girls...

Justin Halpern is the author of Sh*t My Dad Says, a highly entertaining book that I recommend to anyone. Because of that, I was really excited to find a new book by Halpern on our shelves here at MPL.

I Suck at Girls has the same awkward yet hilarious moments with Halpern’s father, who gives excellent, if colorful advice. The story begins with Halpern announcing to his father that he is going to propose to his longtime girlfriend. After not receiving quite the response he was looking for, Halpern gets the advice from his dad that he spend the day thinking about his entire history with women and if he still wants to propose, go for it. And thus begins Halpern’s flashback to his childhood, which is where the book really begins.

The book has some great moments, such as Halpern’s childhood experiences stumbling upon pornography, getting turned down by dates, and his entire prom experience. However, Halpern came out with a home run the first time around, and this book just did not live up to Sh*t my Dad Says. It almost seemed that Halpern’s interjections of moments with his father were forced in the book to try and live off the old one’s success. Nonetheless, Halpern’s story is pretty funny, and easy to relate to. It’s a shorter book, so it makes for a short read as well.

If you have not read Sh*t My Dad Says, I would say read I Suck at Girls first, then read that. The bar was just set too high for me with his first book.

~Cailey W.

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