Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Top Ten Tuesdays: Books Featuring Travel in Some Way

In another Top Ten Tuesday topic, we travel across continents, Middle-earth, and the universe with this list of Top Ten Books Featuring Travel In Some Way. Enjoy!

This is about three individuals traveling through North Africa after WWII. A quintessential novel about travel and misunderstanding different cultures.

Bryson is hilarious and witty. His real life adventure into the Appalachian Trail had me giggling while also learning a lot about the trail and hiking.

Mayes book explores her look at her thrown together life in Tuscany. I loved the recipes and details about the beauty of place, people, and culture.

Into the Wild by John Krakauer
A retelling of what happened to Christopher McCandless, a young man who walked into the wilds of Alaska and never returned. This book always drums up a lot of thought and emotion about the extremes Chris goes to to pursue an unhindered lifestyle.

This is an ultimate journey of travel even if it’s not in our world. Bilbo is an adventurer traveling for the first time and his story is heartwarming, funny, and nail biting. Truly a beautiful and exciting adventure.

Thirteen envelopes with directions tell Ginny what she needs to do. All she has to do is follow instructions and her life of travel takes off. A fun Young Adult book about traveling and finding yourself.

A classic and hilarious sci-fi novel about traveling throughout the universe.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt
A fascinating look at Savannah’s culture from the perspective of the author. John travels down to Savannah for an article he’s writing and ends up staying when a friend is charged with murder. It explores the odd assortment of people he meets and the singular loveliness and deadliness that lingers in the heat soaked air of this southern city.

Taking the form of a father and son road trip on a motorcycle, Pirsig explores different philosophies and how they can help with contemporary struggles. This book is about traveling across the American Northwest, but involves deeper thought and analogy.

A classic children’s book about a family moving from their house in the Big Woods in Wisconsin to a new home on the prairie in Indian Country.

What about you? What are some of your favorite travel books (fiction or non)?

~Kristin M.

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  1. The Mrs. Pollifax mystery series takes Mrs. Pollifax and the reader on journeys to 14 different countries. The books are enchanting!

  2. The Hobbit is a popular pick this week. Definitely want to read Hitchhiker's Guide, too! Great list!

  3. Pretty eclectic list here. Bryson is always a good read.

  4. If you're going to include The Hobbit, you have to include Game of Thrones, by George R.R. Martin. It spans continents as these clans travel to claim the throne.

    Midnight...is a great pick, one of my favorites.

    While not really about travel, Pat Conroy's novel beautifully depict Charleston and South Carolina in general (South of Broad, The Prince of Tides, Beach Music)

  5. The Sheltering Sky may be the ultimate travel book, and yet it's about so much more than travel. Paul Bowles enthusiasts will also enjoy "Their Heads are Green and Their Hands are Blue," (Scenes from the Non-Christian World) an engaging collection of nine travel essays which document Bowles' travels through the near and far east as well as North Africa. A superb and observant traveler, Bowles was a born wanderer who found pleasure in the inaccessible and who cheerfully endured the concomitant hardships with a matter-of-fact humor.