Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Books We're Looking Forward to in 2014!

Happy Top Ten Tuesday! Today's topic is the books we are looking forward to in 2014.
Top Ten Tuesday is a meme started on the Broke and the Bookish blog.
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  Kristin's Picks

Evergreen by Rebecca Rasmussen (7/15/14)
I love a good woodsy story! This story takes place in backwoods Minnesota in the early 20th century. It’s about Hux, and the orphaned sister his mother gave away after an affair.

Shadow Spell by Nora Roberts (3/25/14)
This is the second book in the Cousins O’Dwyer series. I haven’t gotten to read the first book Dark Witch yet, but I am excited to give it a try and now that the second book is out, I will have more reading pleasure!

And We Stay by Jenny Hubbard (1/28/14)
After her boyfriend commits a violent suicide, Emily is sent to boarding school where she is helped in her grieving by…ghostly Emily Dickinson! There’s poetry and prose throughout the book and although it could be really weird, I’m excited to read how a long dead poet helps a lost teen.

Cailey's Picks

Skin Game by Jim Butcher (5/27/14)
I am addicted to the Dresden Files series! I can’t wait until this next book comes out, and Jim Butcher has made us wait far too long. The series follows sarcastic wizard Harry Dresden as he tackles all sorts of magical ne'er-do-wells. He's snarky, smart, and just all-around entertaining.

Landline by Rainbow Rowell (7/8/14)
2013’s obsession was Miss Rainbow Rowell. So naturally, I am hoping to continue that in 2014. I love the way she writes her characters, and her stories are just so unique. I don't even really care what the book is about. (Plus, the book is titled after a practically dead technology!)

Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen (1/21/14)
Sarah Addison Allen writes beautiful novels, and I can’t wait to escape in her next story. Kate takes her eight-year-old daughter to visit Lost Lake, a beloved place from her childhood. Nothing is as it was, and Kate has to learn to move forward without letting the past weigh her down. This promises to be another classic.

Sunrise by Mike Mullin (4/15/14)
Mike Mullin’s first book, Ashfall, left me breathless. His second book in the series, Ashen Winter, had me so scared for the characters that I had to put it down. I still haven’t gone back to it, but now I feel like I have to because I definitely have to read Sunrise. Also, I have signed copies of his first two books, so I feel it will now be my mission to get a signed copy of this. It continues to follow two teenagers in a dystopian future, post-super volcano.

By Blood We Live by Glen Duncan (2/4/14)
I’m surprised that there is a third book in this series. Talulla Rising ended on a pretty final note to me. Even so, I am intrigued to see what Glen Duncan has up his sleeve for us now. This book continues to explore the difficulties that werewolves, a dying race, are facing when put up against hunters and vampires.

The Impossible Knife of Memory by Laurie Halse Anderson (1/7/14)
Another wonderful writer; every book I have read by Laurie Halse Anderson I have enjoyed. This latest book focuses on Hayley, who has spent the last five years on the road with her father, who suffers from PTSD after his time in Iraq. They have finally returned to his hometown to settle down, and try to live a normal life.

The Graveyard Book Graphic Novel Vol. 1 by Neil Gaiman, Illustrations by P. Craig Russell (7/29/14)
I loved the story of Bod and the ghosts who loved him. I think it will be interesting to see how it is adapted into graphic novel form, especially considering there were already images within the original book. 

Should be a good year for reading! What are you looking forward to in 2014?

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