Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Things on my Bookish bucket list!

Happy Top Ten Tuesday! Today we are talking about our bookish goals. 

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme started on the Broke and the Bookish blog.
They set the topic, we make the lists. Visit their site to see more on this topic

Since the time I was in middle school, I wanted to be a well-read individual, able to discuss most topics, genres, books, and authors with others. This I suppose is my Bookish bucket list goal, but it’s not really something I can check off. I’ll always need to read more and never be knowledgeable enough. Each year however, I try to set myself reading goals. Here are some I have this year (and a lot that I never completed). Go ahead and laugh at my ridiculous themes, half of which I've started and abandoned. But hey this is my lifelong bucket list right?

  • Read 65 books or more this year (2014)
  • Read books about American history starting at pre-Columbus and going through the Iraq war
  • Read holiday/seasonal books: winter and summer equinox, Christmas, Hanukkah, harvest, Kwanzaa, Halloween, St. Patrick’s day, Easter, etc. 
  • Books that are assigned for any of my reading groups-read them!
  • Sometimes I need to remember to read outside of my safe zone. I love fiction and think I do a pretty good job of reading across genres, but it’s necessary to remind myself to read things that challenge me, I typically wouldn't pick up, or are important. 
  • Read classics! This was always my goal. I wanted to impress people with my knowledge of literary classics. I suppose I’d have to remember what they were about if I wanted to actually impress people…
  • I just decided I need to read more mysteries. And not just the cozies, but things from all over the genre. 
And then Meredith jumps in
  • Read all the prairie romances! I shall be the queen of the prairie, marry a Mountie and open a small library where I teach townsfolk the importance of imagination. Maybe this is a little more than a reading bucket list…
That is all I have for now. I’m always making up lists and adding to my overly extensive reading list.

~Kristin M.

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