Tuesday, May 13, 2014

International Chick Lit Month: I Do (but I Don't)

Did you know May is International Chick Lit Month? No seriously, that's a thing. And so to celebrate I give you a review of one of my favorite chick-lit books. As I have previously mentioned, I sometimes enjoy fluff novels. Sue me. This is essentially what I do (but Idon’t) by Cara Lockwood is to me: a fluff novel.

Wedding consultant Lauren has a job that is at times chaotic. She has to calm down Psycho Brides, Mothers of the Bride (MOBs), and run weddings without a hitch. Lauren pays attention to every tiny detail, and is the queen of multi-tasking. Recently divorced, she has thrown herself into her job, seeing that other couples have happy endings, even if she

Her job is certainly not always easy, especially when a groom insists on parachuting into the wedding party. If not for that incident though, Lauren would never have met sexy fireman Nick Corona, who steps in and saves the stranded groom in a tree. Despite him not seeming to notice her in the moment, Nick pops up in her life again and again…(you see where this is going?)

While working one of her new assignments, Lauren is introduced to Darla, a Psycho Bride if ever there was one, and also a little too loose with her flirting. Darla is planning her third attempt at her wedding with a mere five weeks to go, and Lauren must somehow manage to make it amazing in that short time frame. After meeting Darla, Lauren spies her out with Nick, hanging all over him, and immediately assumes the two are engaged, and so begins a series of slightly comical misunderstandings on both Nick’s and Lauren’s parts. From there, the story provides mix-ups, triangles, mistaken identities, and a (moderately) evil Persian cat.

This book is fluff, but it certainly has its moments and merits. It is entertaining, sweet, self-deprecating, and there is a sexy fireman. Although pretty predictable overall, I was still surprised on occasion by the action, and it is a solid chick-lit novel.

There is depth to the characters in this novel that is not always present in chick-lit. Lauren’s history, including her messy divorce and her well-meaning, but misintentioned parents, are delved into. Nick and his brother’s rivalry, as well as Lauren and her sister’s problems are showcased, and frequently affect the relationship between Nick and Lauren. There is humor in the book, of the romantic comedy variety, making the story lighter and a pretty quick read.
(There was a Lifetime movie made out of this book, but take my word for it that it was just plain awful, and nothing like the book!)

If you enjoy these types of fluffy, romantic comedy, chick-lit books (as I frequently do), other great authors in this genre are Jennifer Crusie, Jane Green, and Meg Cabot. Their novels are often funny, romantic, and fast-paced. Also, if you are at the main branch, be sure to check out our Chick Lit display.

~Cailey W.

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