Thursday, December 8, 2016

Children’s Holiday Books for 2016

As we creep ever closer to the holidays, Miss Marilyn has some books that you can snuggle up with your little one to read this season. These aren't the traditional ones we all know and love, but by next year they may be on that list!

Harold is one of the best parts of Christmas. Santa’s heard the stories. He’s read his letters. But Santa isn’t sure that Harold actually exists. Some of Santa’s friends have told him that Harold isn’t real. So Santa comes up with a plan to find out if Harold really exists once and for all.


The Great Spruce by John Duvall
Alec loves all types of trees, but his absolute favorite is the great spruce. It was planted as a sapling by his grandfather years before Alec was even born. Each year, Alec and his grandpa would decorate the tree for Christmas with beautiful tinsel and bright lights. But one day, men from the city come to take the tree for their own Christmas celebration. Alec has to come up with a creative solution to save his favorite tree.

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Maple and Willow love trees. And now it’s time for their first real Christmas Tree! The girls pick out the best tree and bring it home. But as soon as Maple gets close to the tree she starts sneezing! Oh no! What are the girls to do?

Shmelf works as one of Santa’s elves in the all-important list checking department. There are lots of good boys and girls on the list, but Shmelf notices that some names are missing. He sets off to investigate the missing names and discovers a wonderful holiday called Hanukkah that Jewish families celebrate each year.

Do You Want to Build a Snowman by Calliope Glass 
I’m a big fan of interactive picture books, and every little kid I know is a big fan of Disney’s Frozen. In this book readers help Elsa and Anna build Olaf by repeating different actions to make it snow. It’s a lot of fun to read with just one little one or a whole group!


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