Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: YA Love Stories

For today's Valentine's Freebie topic, we've chose to talk about Young Adult Love Stories. There is certainly no shortage of these, because so much YA features love stories. These are our top ten picks.
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Eleanor is new in town and she’s not made to be popular. Overweight and into weird music, she doesn’t fit in. When she sits next to Park on the bus, their lives both change forever. The book is set in 1986, and has some pretty awesome music references throughout. (Meredith loves this one too!) 

This has to be on the list because it is one of those tragic love stories and it totally breaks your heart. Two cancer patient teenagers fall in love through the ups and downs of their illnesses. If you somehow haven’t managed to read this one yet, you need to.

Benjamin Alire Sáenz is basically a poet. His writing is naturally gorgeous and this book about two teenage boys discovering love is wonderful. Ari and Dante are unlikely friends who meet at the local swimming pool. After that, they are inseparable, even as everything around them changes. Oh, and this was an AMAZING audiobook--read by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

I have a thing for heartbreaking love stories. A teenage boy and girl meet when one of them is about to jump to their death. These two discover they have a lot in common; both are depressed and anxiety-riddled. Their bond tests both of them, making them stronger together.

I adore Sarah Dessen and could have added several of her books to this list, but I chose this one in particular because it’s the one that really stuck with me. A teenage model is in a rut, not feeling anything about her life and keeping a lot of her anger inside. She has a secret, something that happened to her that changed her. She meets Owen, a guy on the fringes of everything, super intimidating to her, but he’s everything she needs.

A non-traditional love story: Jen and Wes don’t have any sort of lightning bolt attraction. The two are friends who sort of dance around each other and wind up in an unlikely romance. It’s a sweet, funny tale. 

Meredith's picks (that Cailey hadn't already stolen)

People who know Pen wouldn't describe her as a girlie-girl. She doesn't act or dress like other girls, but she doesn't see anything wrong with that. However, she's stuck dealing with parents and friends to have certain expectations about how she's supposed to behave. Pen's friend Colby often makes her chat up girls for him, but when he moves his sights on Blake, the girl Pen has a crush on, Pen decides she won't be a part of his games anymore. It's time for Pen to stand up and take charge of her life.

An anthology of romantic short stories all about couple's first meetings. This collection includes some of the most talked about YA authors including Nicola Yoon, Sara Shepard, and Meredith Russo. The settings of the stories vary from contemporary to sci-fi. My top pick: "Print Shop" by Nina LaCour, an incredibly lyrical tale of a girl dealing with a disgruntled customer. LaCour's newest novel, We Are Okay​ was just announced as the 2018 Printz Award winner.

Fandom is a powerful force. Eliza Mirk, the author of one of the internet's most popular webcomics, knows this. Uninterested in engaging with the real world, Eliza spends almost all of her time online or drawing. Her life is upended when Wallace Warland, one of her comic's biggest fans, transfers to her school, although he may help her discover life in the real world is worth living.

​Molly of the twenty-six crushes is nothing like her outgoing twin, Cassie, who never has a problem getting dates. But when Cassie gets her first girlfriend, Mina, she thinks its time for Molly to finally act on her crushes. She introduces Molly to Will, crush twenty-seven and one of Mina's way-too-cool hipster friends. While Molly is dealing with what she assumes will be rejection, she may not see crush twenty-eight sneak up on her in the form of Reid, her nerdy co-worker.

~Cailey and Meredith

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