Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Have you used our website lately to look for books to read?

Finding books you are interested in can be tough. There are so many, and it’s hard to tell from the numerous and always very positive blurbs on the back of the books if they are really what you’re looking for. We’re trying to make finding a book a little easier, so we've included Novelist and Books and Authors on our site. You’ll need your library card to access them from home. Once you’re on Novelist or Books and Authors, you can search for titles and authors and find reviews on them. The sites also offer author read a-likes, or you can search by a specific genre.

“I already use Novelist, and have found some great books, but I’m always losing my scraps of paper that I wrote the books down on, what can I do about that?” Well, if you’ve made it as far as checking out Novelist, you can go the next step and create lists on your Mentor Library account online. Whenever you’re searching our catalog and you find a book you want to read, just not right now, click the box to the left of the title, then click on the box at the bottom (or top) that says “save to my lists.” If you don’t already have a list made, you’ll have to make one, but once you do, you’ll never forget or lose a book you want to read again! I know. We’re awesome. Have questions? Give the powerful and brilliant reference staff a call. We’ll help you out.

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