Monday, February 9, 2009

We love to talk and talk and talk and talk…

Book discussion groups are fun because you get to have intelligent conversations about the great books you read and there’s usually coffee and sweets. We here at Mentor library have been working hard to come up with some new book discussion groups so more people can have conversations about books and great scone recipes. Besides the general book discussion held the first Monday of every month, and which I will be leading beginning in April, we have a couple more I’d like to point out. Tomorrow marks the beginning of our first men’s book discussion group. They will be discussing W.P Kinsella’s Shoeless Joe and talking about future books to discuss. Plus they will have hotdogs and peanuts which I think may be far superior to coffee. But maybe not a great scone. No, definitely superior, even to a scone. Next up we have a mystery book discussion group. They will be reading Borderlands by Brian McGilloway and serving a three course meal. Just kidding, but after hotdogs and peanuts, who can compete? They will be meeting on the last Thursday of every month beginning March 26 at 7 pm. If you have any questions, you can always give the Reference desk a call and we’ll answer all your questions and whip up a couple of fried eggs. I’m sorry. It’s almost lunch. I’m hungry!

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