Friday, August 21, 2009

dead tired of zombies

What’s the deal with zombies lately? No, really. I mean, yeah, I got a laugh out of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. And Shaun of the Dead is hilarious. But lately I’ve seen things written that make it seem like zombies have once existed and dealing with them is a major pain. And they say it like that, too—oh, dealing with zombies is such a pain! For example, I’m going through some kid’s books and I see The Boys' Book of Survival. Well right there some of you may stop me and go, well Amanda, you’re not a dude, so you wouldn’t get a book made for boys anyways. But I beg to differ. Girls need to how to survive in bear country or read a compass (girls might even need more help with the latter—I could get lost in a paper sack) just as much as a boy does. But I digress. The Boys' Book of Survival (the girl’s equivalent being The Girls’ Book of Glamour—no comment) teaches boys how to surive all sorts of stuff; how to survive a long car journey, how to tie a sling, AND HOW TO SURVIVE A ZOMBIE INVASION. Granted, it also explains how to survive a haunting and the bubonic plague. But some people believe in ghosts, and the bubonic plague did exist in the past. But, unless I missed something, zombies have never existed, never will exist, never can exist. Basically the section on zombies just recaps zombie movies and how those characters survived. And I guess it’s always good to have contingencies if something were to happen. But zombies? The whole zombie craze may have burned out before it began, but I am just kind of annoyed with zombies.