Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh boy--I mean girl. Let the glamour commence!

The Girls' Book of Glamour by Sally Jeffrie
Perhaps I spoke too soon. Perhaps the only thing worse than the strange fictional zombie epidemic is having the equivalent to learning how to survive a zombie invasion be how to make your own body glitter... or how to convince people you’re a celebrity (the instructions involve obtaining a small dog), or how to tell a friend she’s made a fashion error. Yes, yes, I know, girls and boys have different interests. It’s the whole dolls vs. cars or what have you. But do we have to have two books that are so different and in their differences be a tad insulting? I think if I were still a kid I'd want to learn how to protect myself from a bear and how to give myself a mini-facial. Point is, I don't think kids are as different as these two books are assuming. And maybe we shouldn't start separating topics and interests so soon.