Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Angels as Demons--go figure

I’ve been (contentedly) stuck in the land of children’s literature for a while now, but if there’s one thing to bring me out of it, it would have to be an exciting fantasy book. Angelology by Danielle Trussoni hits the market in March. And with a giant wing on the front cover attached to a conveniently shadowed body wrapping around to the back of the book, how could I not pick it up? Of course it’s a book about good and evil, but with a twist; the angels are actually the bad guys. Well, they’re not entirely angel, I guess they’re half human half angel, and apparently that’s a combination that produces evil powerful creatures set on conquering the world. And it’s up to a group of angelologists to find a way to stop them. This book has good reviews, and it’s meaty enough (about 450 pages) to satisfy anyone’s evil angel craving. Plus there’s an apparent sequel and movie rights, so you just might have heard it here first. Angelology. Danielle Trussoni. Read it.

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