Monday, April 11, 2011

The Poisonwood Bible and its debatable worthiness in the staff break room

Judy: What are you reading?

Me: The Poisonwood Bible

Judy: Is it for…why?

And so ends my foray into the depths of Barbara Kingsolver’s Africa; not with a bang, but a “…why?” But perhaps that is a bit too harsh. I did, after all, finish the 543 page bahemuth, which was also chosen for Oprah’s book club not too long ago. Nathan Price, an evangelical Baptist, brings his wife and four daughters with him on a mission to the Congo in 1959. The four daughters take turns telling the story of their time there, while Orleanna Price, Nathan’s wife, heads up the beginning of each section in the book. The writing is absorbing. Each daughter has her own personality and it’s quite interesting getting the different perspectives of their situation. Would I recommend this as a book for pleasure reading while vacationing on a yacht? No. But I suppose if you were in the mood for something meaty and passionate, this just might satisfy you.

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