Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fabulous Reads: Summer 2014

Summer time!! Yipee! If you’re a parent, maybe you’re a little more stressed with the kids at home. Bring them to the library! 

The summer makes for some fun reading time, so here are some books that are hot, hot, hot this year!

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin
Mentor Public Library staff is in the midst of passing this book around. For those of you who are bibliophiles, this is a book for you. A.J. Fikry is the owner of Island Books, a small bookstore off of Massachusetts. He’s a snob and a bit of a grump. He has very specific reading tastes and is not exactly popular in the community. His world starts changing with the arrival of Amelia, the new sales representative for Knightely Publishing, and then Maya, a three-year-old girl, is left in A.J.’s care. This is such a sweet story, and is definitely worthy of your summer reading list. 

The Skin Collector by Jeffery Deaver
The newest from Deaver, this book is about a new serial killer called…you guessed it, the Skin Collector. As bodies begin showing up, Lincoln Rhyme is back to investigate. The serial killer's signature: he tattoos his victims with cryptic messages. The ink he uses, however, is a deadly poison that eventually kills them. 

The Closer by Mariano Rivera
In this revealing memoir from the famous Yankees' pitcher, learn about the ins and outs of Yankees' baseball. Rivera talks about his beginnings in Panama, and then being swept to Florida to play in the big leagues. He also talks about the behind the bull pen dramas, rivalries, and his own struggles. A must-read for baseball fans. 

Walking on Water by Richard Paul Evans
The fifth installment in "The Walk" series finds Alan Christofferson coming to the end of his cross-country journey. After many personal losses, Alan has found hope and renewal on his long journey. A new crisis at home draws him back to his roots, but now, hopefully, the strength he has gained will help him through.

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doer
A dazzling new historical fiction novel about WWII. Marie Laure lives with her father in Paris. At the age of six she went blind, but finds her way around the city until her father and her are forced to flee during the Nazi invasion. They end up at her uncle’s in Saint-Malo. Weaved together with her story is that of a young German boy, Werner, who has a talent with radios. He moves through the Hitler Youth and becomes a sought-after tracker of the Resistance in France where his and Marie’s paths cross.

Boy, Snow, Bird by Helen Oyeyemi
Oyeyemi uses fairy tales as a jumping off point, and in this tale, the role of the wicked stepmother is reimagined. It is 1953 and Boy Novak marries a widower to become the stepmother to Snow Whitman. As the story continues, Boy becomes the role she never imagined she’d play, wicked stepmother. It happens after her own baby is born. Bird is a dark skinned girl and she exposes the Whitman family as light-skinned African Americans. How much does being fairest of them all really matter to this family?

Guy in Real Life by Steve Brezenoff
If you’re a gamer, give this a read. Lesh and Svetlana literally run into each other on the street in Minnesota. Lesh is into MMOs and Svetlana is a dungeon master, but their chance meeting opens them up to the life of the other.

Midnight Crossroad by Charlaine Harris
This is the first in a new series from the author of the "Sookie Stackhouse" series. Midnight, Texas seems like another dried-up town to anyone passing through. Boarded up buildings, a lonesome feeling, and townies who prefer their privacy. Midnight is the perfect place for newcomer Manfred Bernardo to work. No one asks him questions, but then again, maybe nobody wants questions asked of them either…

The Magician’s Land by Lev Grossman
For those of you who have loved Grossman’s "Magicians" series, here is the final act. The series is likened to a grown-up Harry Potter. In the last installment, Quentin has been cast out of Fillroy, a secret magical land, and must return to the prep school that started his whole journey. Quentin uncovers new secrets, and finds a spell that could create a new magical utopia, but at a very high cost.

What's your summer read this year?

~Kristin M.

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