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Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I Own the Most Books From

Happy Top Ten Tuesday! Today's topic is authors I own the most books from. Since I began working in a library, I don't buy anywhere near as many books as I once did. However, I still do feel the need to buy books by the authors I love, especially if I think I will reread someday. Looking at my personal library, I discovered a couple surprises about whose books I have the most of, but mostly I was not shocked by my assortment. In no particular order, my list is below. Enjoy!
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Sarah Dessen
With Sarah Dessen at ALA 2013!
No surprise here. I love Dessen's YA books. She has a unique way of creating memorable tales of teen love, while not being too predictable. My favorites of hers are Keeping the Moon and Just Listen. I impatiently wait for each new release. Last year at ALA, I even got to meet her!

Jennifer Crusie
I really enjoy funny romance novels. I consider them rom-coms, in the same vein as films. Because I frequently revisit my favorite films, I often revisit my favorite authors, and Crusie is really high on that list. I have read all of her books, and I just reread Agnes and the Hitman, one of her best (written with Bob Mayer).

Jim Butcher
By far my favorite sci-fi series is "The Dresden Files," so naturally, I have several books by Jim Butcher. I'd like to say I have the whole series, but I'm a library person, and I haven't bought them all. I have weird numbers in this series that were bought on impulse. They're up to book 15 now, and Harry Dresden is back to being awesome!

Lemony Snicket
"The Complete Wreck" image from amazon.com
I love the "Series of Unfortunate Events" and I have the whole collection--"The Complete Wreck." These books are dark and funny, and they remind me of fairy tales. I wasn't a huge fan of the film, but I love the books. My favorites are The Bad Beginning and The Reptile Room. (And they are so pretty I won't let anyone else read them!)

Christie Craig
So, as seen above, I am a fan of the rom-com books. I picked up Divorced, Desperate, and Delicious several years ago and got quite the kick out of it. This series' books all involve some sort of mystery/crime/life endangerment. Plus, there is romance, and hilarity. In the first book, the man makes what he thinks is a tuna sandwich, but is actually cat food. Cute, sweet, and fast-paced.

Dr. Seuss
You never know when you may want to curl up with The Lorax. I just love Dr. Seuss books, so I have a tendency to purchase them for my own collection. I also have a few books about the good doctor in my personal library.

With Meg Cabot, July 2012.
Meg Cabot
I've read all sorts of Meg Cabot's books over the years. As a teen I read a lot of the "Princess Diaries" books (so there are several of those in my collection), and as an adult, I fell in love with her "Boy" series of books, Queen of Babble, plus the "Heather Wells Mystery" series. Two years ago I was able to meet her at a local event as well!

Jane Austen
I am above all things a classy lady, so of course I have the complete Jane Austen collection. There are actually a few duplicate copies that I cannot bear to part with. My favorite is Pride and Prejudice, but I'm also a big fan of Emma.

Brothers Grimm
This one came as a bit of a surprise to me, but I guess it shouldn't. I enjoy fairy tales and I own several interpretations of Grimm tales, including a few different copies of collections. The latest that I very much enjoyed was Philip Pullman's take on the tales.

Image from gretasjunkyard.com
Megan McCafferty
I have the whole "Jessica Darling" series of books. In high school and college I was obsessed with this series. I recall walking through the halls between classes walking and reading in order to reread all of them before the newest book came out. When the final book in the series was released, Perfect Fifths, I read the book in one sitting. She recently started a middle grade series with the same characters, but I'm not as into those.

And you, reader? Whose books line your shelves?

~Cailey W.

PS-you knew I had to flaunt those pics with authors, right?

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  1. Stephen King.

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