Thursday, November 13, 2014

Author Spotlight: Adam Rubin

One of the things I love most about setting up a storytime is finding new books. Last year, while searching for books, I came across Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin. It had me laughing like a goof. I immediately scooped up all of his other books and read through them, and they were wonderful. Rubin has a quirky sense of humor that can appeal to both children and adults. Whether it’s a story about a grumpy old man or a pizza-loving raccoon, his books always leave me with a case of the giggles. And I would be doing these books a great disservice if I did not mention Daniel Salmeri’s work as illustrator. His art truly brings Rubin’s stories to life and enhances the hilarious text. The two make an amazing team.

Here are a few of Rubin’s books that I recommend you take a look at:

Did you know that Dragons Love Tacos? They love all kinds of tacos! But they hate spicy salsa. So if you plan on throwing a Taco Party for your local dragons, leave the spicy salsa at home. Otherwise you may become the recipient of an unexpected housewarming gift.

In case you were wondering what happens to a bubble after it’s been popped, don’t worry, Rubin has the answer. Popped bubbles reappear in La La Land, home of the monsters. And it turns out, thanks to the melodramatic Mogo, monsters are terrified of bubbles. But fear not, with your encouragement the monsters can stand up to the big bad bubble.

The staff at the Children’s Department started passing this book around as soon as we got it. Poor Raccoon just wants to eat some pizza. Unfortunately no one is willing to let him have any. So he devises a plan to hold a secret pizza party. But don’t tell anybody. Actually, forget I just told you. What pizza party?

Old Man Rookwire just wants to paint pictures of the birds that visit his backyard. He builds bird feeders to keep them around through the winter. But the squirrels want in on the all-you-can-eat bird food buffet. Their crafty thievery ends up driving the birds away. Rookwire begins building traps for those darn squirrels. But he didn’t count on their impressive mathematical skills and fierce determination.

Grab one of these awesome picture books today! (They're not just for kids, you know.)

~Marilyn W.

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