Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Top Ten Reasons I Love Reading

Today we aren't doing the Top Ten Tuesday theme as set by The Broke and The Bookish, but I have my own top ten list.

So I was inspired to do this list when I saw a graphic on Facebook the other day. Little did I know it was going to be soooooo hard to come up with just ten items! Who knew I had so many reasons to love reading?

One. Reading takes me to new places. Literally and figuratively speaking. When I went to Paris, I zoomed through the few books I brought with me (pre-kindle times), so I sought out an English-speaking bookstore to keep up my reading. This brought me to a new part of town, as well as helped me dive into a new book. Plus, I have been given the chance to explore Hogwart's, Panem, and many other worlds and places, just through reading. 

Two. Reading makes you part of a community. Twi-hards, Potter-heads, etc. If you have ever been a fan of a super-popular book, you know that this community is extensive. Even if you aren't into the fandom, book clubs join people together, or even seeing someone reading the same book you just read joins you.

Three. References in media. Book references are made all over the place, but I’ve been watching Family Guy (of all things), and there are book references in there all the time. I feel a bit superior every time I catch one of these references. (Also, look back at old Looney Toons cartoons-lots of classic book references there!)

Four. So many feels! This is my favorite graphic. Books can make you stay up way past your bedtime to find out what is happening. They can break your heart, make you laugh, make you cry… so many feels, guys!

Five.  A sense of history and places. I’ve read a lot of historical fiction in the last few years, and it really takes you places. I’ve been to 1840s New York, 1920s Paris, and 1940s San Francisco. It is truly amazing to have these places described in such detail that you really feel connected to a time you could never experience yourself.

Six. It’s educational even when it isn’t supposed to be. See above. Also, I feel I have a pretty extensive vocabulary, but I’m always learning new words by reading. I also learn about new subjects, places, people, and much more.

Seven. The best books become movies (which I then judge harshly because I love me some books!). Despite being hard on the movies myself, I am always happy to see people reading, even if they are only reading it because the upcoming movie has so much buzz around it. Reading is reading.

Eight. Whether you’re digital or old school, books can go everywhere. I’m a combination of the two. I usually load up my kindle when going on trips, but I also still pack books because (8.5) books don’t require batteries.

Nine. Conversation topics! “What are you reading now?” I literally cannot tell you how many times I’ve asked this question and/or been asked it. (And yes, I work in a library, so my pool is a touch biased.) I’ve had long conversations with people just about book plots, and which characters make us angry, and how we would have ended the book.

Ten. You never run out. Those authors keep writing, and I keep finding more books I’ve missed and need to read. 

Bonus Eleven: Of course, it’s all free at the library.

~Cailey W.

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