Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Top Ten Book Themed DIYs I want To Try

Ever want to show how much you love books through your crafts, decorations, clothes, etc? Check out these awesome do-it-yourself bookish projects that I'm dying to try!

1) Bookshelf Skirt via Living with Punks
I have successfully made 2 skirts and a dress, and I think a great new project would be this bookshelf skirt. I’d need to adjust this so it’s my size, but then I would happily wear it to story time. Who needs to take a shelfie when I’ve got all of my favorite books on my skirt?

2) Book Christmas Bulb via Refunk my Junk
To be fair, I’ve already made something similar to this for my sister using our favorite childhood book, Holes by Louis Sachar. But I would like to make some more of these for my other friends as well.

3) Punched Book Art via
I need a little more book themed art to hang around my house. This one would take a lot of searching for words that I liked from the book, but I think I would be pleased with the end result. All I need is a book, a frame and a heart punch.

4) Homemade Book Clutch via The Surznick Common Room
I’ve made a book safe before, and this seems like a much more complicated version of that, but also much more useful.

5) Card Book via Dreamy Elk
So I don’t  have wedding cards, but I do have plenty of other cards that I keep in my boring old card box. And I would love to turn them into something more interesting like this to keep on my desk.

6) As You Wish Cross-stitch via Book Riot
You can buy this one off of Etsy, but I’ve been working on my cross stitch recently and I would love to make something as wonderful as this.

7) Paper Book Covers via Suzys Sitcom
Now I wish I had a niece or nephew who was attending school because then we could sit down and make some awesome looking book covers. These are so much more fun than the basic brown paper bag covered I whipped up as a kid.

8) Quiet Books via Sew Can Do
I hadn’t heard about Quiet Books until a few years ago and I love them. I can’t wait to make them for the little ones in my life to play with. Bring on the felt!

9) Book Wreath via Simply Ciana
So without a Christmas wreath my front door looks kind of bare. I would love to make a wreath like this took keep my door looking lovely all year round.

10) On the Go Reading Pillow via Polka Dot Chair
Don’t you know, books are uniquely portable magic?  I had a pillow like this in the car growing up, and I’d love to make one of my own.

Any bookish crafts you want to create? Share below!


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