Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Adulthood is a Myth

As several of us in the department were big fans of Hyperbole and a Half (see here, here, and here), I am always on the lookout for something of a similar nature. (At least while I very impatiently wait for Allie Brosh to finally put out her impending second book!)

That is kind of how I came across this delightful collection of comics. Sarah Andersen wrote Adulthood is a Myth, which kind of identifies with the current generation of twentysomethings who really don't want to grow up. (See Adulting by Kelly Williams for detailed instructions on how to be a better adult.) If you are an internet comic reader, you may know Sarah from "Sarah's Scribbles" where most of these comics came from, and where she posts new comics regularly.

Back to the collection at hand though. This book features comics dealing with friendship, relationships, work, writing, going out in public, etc. Basically, she depicts a character trying to "adult" properly. And it is really quite entertaining. It's a very quick read, and most of the comics are just the one page long, so it's simple to jump in and out of the book.

The drawings are very basic in nature, but they get the point across nicely, without having to go too much into detail. (That also reminds me of Brosh.) She also talks about things we all (no matter your age) sometimes dread doing: for instance, waking up and having to leave your bed. That's the worst. And, of course, she has several comics in there about the struggles of being a book-lover. The struggle is real.

So if you're looking for a quick book to flip through that's sure to make you laugh, check this one out.

Oh, and the cover is fuzzy too!


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