Thursday, June 16, 2016

Father's Day Picture Books

To all of you fathers (or fathers-to-be) out there, I wish you the happiest of Father’s Days! There’s nothing quite like the bond between parent and child. So I’m going to take a moment to stress the importance of reading to your young children. Reading aloud to your child not only helps improve their language skills, but it also provides your child with one-on-one attention from their parents. I know that some of my favorite childhood memories are of my twin brother and I, lying on either side of my dad while he read us Harry Potter. So with that in mind, let’s celebrate the special bond between fathers and their children with some father themed picture books.

Little Jumbo’s dad is having a rough day, and he just can’t seem to figure out why. He decides take matters into his own hands to cheer his dad up with some of his favorite things. Turns out Little Jumbo’s favorite things just might be his father’s favorite things as well.

This delightful picture book features classic movie monsters and their young sons as they go about their days and get ready for bed. Turns out that monster dads and human dads have one thing in common; they both love their children.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good dad joke? Well this book is full of them! I would recommend all new dads check it out, if only to brush up on their material.

All week long a young boy looks forward to Friday, because Friday is the day he and his dad go on their special trip. This book goes to show that whether it’s a walk through town or breakfast at the diner, any time with dad is special.

There’s not much better than a walk in the park with dad. In this story a young girl and her father spend the day in the park, and as they walk he asks her all sorts of questions. It may have made me a little misty.

Thunder Boy Jr. doesn’t like that he and his father share a name. He loves his father dearly, but wants to be known for who he is, not who his father is. 


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