Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Halloween--Get Scared!

My mom once told me that The Exorcist kept her up at night. I would have to say Stephen King's It did that to me--I think I might have slept with the lights on for a few nights (a creepy clown hiding in the sewers should be enough to make most people squirm).
This weekend is the perfect time to pick up a book or watch a movie that makes you want to hide under the covers (or keep the lights on). We have a great display at main with all our creepy favorits, so check it out. And remember, it's only fiction...

What books or movies freaked you out? Drop me a line and we'll discuss.

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  1. Hi Amanda, a little late to the scene with the blog but one of the things that freaked me out, even when I saw it in my late teens early 20s, was from the TV anime show Neon Genesis Evangelion. Its about a future world with a LOT of problems but mostly these beings called Angels that are attacking Earth and they only can be stopped by these EVA units that are piloted by children. Anyways, there is a microscopic Angel that invades the newest EVA unit and it starts going on a rampage and it takes out two of the three EVAs quickly and goes after the last one. The pilot of the last EVA doesn't want to destroy the Angel because he wants to save the pilot but the leader of the organization takes control over the EVA and it goes on a violent bloody attack that mutilates the rampaging Angel. You see a ton of blood and scary images. Gave me nightmares! The whole anime can be rather scary and disturbing though.

    Thanks for reminding me of it... Just kidding, I own it on DVD now!