Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Share a killer thriller

We’re starting something new at the library this year. Every month we’re going to introduce a new genre, and display books from that genre at the front of the library. We’re calling it “the flavor of the month,” and I’m personally inviting you, no, daring you to read a different book each month from that genre. This month we’re doing Suspense/Thrillers. According to Novelist, Thrillers/Suspense have a “sense of menace that permeates these books from early on, and the growing unease builds to a climax. Action drives the stories, and dangers beset the characters at every turn.” Wow. Pretty intense. Makes me want to read one. How about you? Here are some author suggestions:
Brad Meltzer
Jeffrey Deaver

Robin Cook

And let me know what you think when you read outside your comfort zone. I'll definitely be talking about it.

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