Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A series you won't want to end

The last time we met, I hinted that I started a series and was worried about committing myself to it. I must say though, I am on the sixth book and totally hooked on (wait for it) The Ranger’s Apprentice series by John Flanagan (start with the Ruins of Gorlan). This medieval adventure story takes place in a fictional kingdom where kids become apprentices for different groups. They can be knights, diplomats, lawyers or cooks. I feel bad for the girl who really wants to be a cook. We don’t really hear too much about her after she gets sent to the kitchens. Where was I? Ah yes, they can be knights or diplomats, and one orphan, Will, wants more than anything to be a knight. He grew up with stories that his father was a knight who fought bravely to his death. When it is time for the choosing, however, Will’s diminutive size hinders him from becoming a knight, but what he doesn’t know is a group of men in the kingdom have chosen him to join their group—the rangers. Will is at first hesitant about joining the secretive group. Many people think they dabble in magic, but really they are just skilled in not being seen and gathering intelligence for the kingdom. Will joins the ranger corps and the rest is history. Or rather a very engrossing series. The first novel must set the stage, but we still get an adventurous read. I thought the series would focus on defeating the “bad guy” of the mountains, but he gets wiped out pretty early. So instead we meet different groups and conflicts and that’s refreshing and more realistic. I am definitely glad I started it, though I do have some stand alone novels stacking up in my queue. So the question is, finish the series, or take a break? So far it’s been hard to stop. Thanks to Amy W., who, upon hearing I was into the Ranger’s Apprentice, recommended The Edge Chronicles by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell. She says their a mix between Neil Gaiman and John Flanagan. May have to move on to those next.

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