Friday, September 23, 2011

Speaking of series…

Happy rainy fall! Hopefully this selection will help keep you busy!
I can’t believe I haven’t talked about this one yet. I think I read it right around the beginning of summer reading, so it must have gotten swept away in the rush. It’s the Bone series by Jeff Smith (an Ohio raised author, I might add). If you’re into graphic novels you’ve probably already heard or read this one, but for those of you who don’t read too many, I highly recommend it. It’s about the Bone cousins who get kicked out of their town, due to some shady financial dealings. They get lost in the desert, and end up in a wooded valley filled with “monsters, dragons, and princesses.” It’s a fantastical land that the Bone cousins aren’t used to, but therein lies the mystery and adventure of the story. The Bone cousins are these adorable big-nosed creatures who live in a world similar to ours. When they discover this new land with monsters and dragons, although there are people in this world, there is more fantasy than the cousins knew existed. It’s a fun paradox. The drawings are quite funny, and the dialogue is engaging too. It’s geared toward an older child/teen audience, but obviously is a fun option for adults as well. The original series is 10 books long, but there is a prequel called Rose (which I haven’t read yet, but it’s in the queue). There’s also some additional books, and a new series starring more Bone like creatures, but not the Bone cousins themselves. That series just started, so you’ll have to wait for the future installments. The original Bone is all finished, so if you’d like to get started on that (which I recommend you do), head over to your local public library today and check them out! Start with Out from Boneville.

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